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Where Innovation Drives Profitability in Performance Marketing

About Us

Welcome to Ad Club, where innovation meets results in the realm of affiliate marketing. As a premier Affiliate Networking company, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology, boasting a robust optimization algorithm and an advanced fraud prevention system.

Our success is built on the synergy between thousands of affiliates and top-rated advertisers within our dynamic network. Through a commitment to excellence, Ad Club stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring every interaction is optimized for efficiency and protected by our state-of-the-art fraud prevention measures.

Join us in redefining the affiliate marketing landscape, where partnerships thrive, and success knows no bounds. At Ad Club, we’re not just connecting affiliates and advertisers; we’re engineering a future where innovation, security, and performance coalesce for unparalleled success.

About Us

Ad Club Media: Pioneering innovation in performance marketing. We simplify and amplify your online advertising, ensuring it’s not just efficient but also immensely profitable.


Tailor-Made and Innovative Ad Units

Unlock the full potential of your site with our tailor-made and innovative ad units, designed for maximum performance.

Global Coverage & High Conversion Rates

Benefit from the best rates for your website's traffic with our global coverage and high conversion rates.

On-Time & Flexible Payment Terms

Experience seamless transactions with our on-time & flexible payment terms, including Payoneer, Wire, and Paypal.

Cross-Device Monetization

Monetize across various devices seamlessly - PC, Tablet, Mobile, Streamer, Game Console, and Smart TVs.

get paid fast, we work with:

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Worldwide Premium Direct Traffic

Access unparalleled opportunities with Ad Club Media's Premium Direct Traffic solutions, ensuring your offers thrive globally with top-tier traffic.

fraud prevention

Innovating with secure solutions for fraud-free campaigns, ensuring high-performance results in targeted advertising for business growth.


Budget and Capping Management

Exercise control over your budgets with our meticulous budget and capping management, ensuring optimal results for your business.

Performance-Based Activity

Experience performance-based advertising at its finest with CPA, CPI, CPD, CPC, and CPL options tailored to meet your specific goals.



New York Affiliate Summit


Barcelona Affiliate Summit


Las Vegas Affiliate Summit


Prague Affiliate Summit


Bangkok Affiliate Summit


Lisbon Affiliate Summit


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We are a group of veterans working in this industry for over a decade now. Feel free to approach usĀ 

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40 Degrees Media, Ltd.
6 Ussishkin st., Herzliya, 4640606, Israel


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40 Degrees Media, Ltd.
6 Ussishkin st., Herzliya, 4640606, Israel


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